after the introduction of Hengda

developers go further, they want to build their own food supply chain. Hengda Group as ice spring after the introduction of Hengda, Hengda grain, Hengda infant formula and other products have been or will soon be available. August this year, Hengda Group Chairman of the Board Xu Jiayin said publicly, Hengda will diversify strategic transformation, the use of the brand, inew balance 620 cheap nto agriculture, animal husbandry."For a single field of product development has been difficult to meet the housing business performance and scale of dual expansion." CRIC Research analyst Yang Jingjing believe that after a period of adjustment, the strategic transformation of the way real estate is also more diversified. Most housing prices are through the combination of real estate and other industries, looking for new profit growth point. Faced with the real estate industry increasingly competitive pressure surge in the areas outside the industry to occupy resources to become involved in housing prices competing land."Almost all of the developers are thinking, the next 10 years, he would play what role " Said Vice President of Shimao Group .China Real Estate Association Deputy

 Secretary-General Chen Xiaotian Market Committee said that in real estate, "Silver Age", the industry has begun to enter the development-oriented to service-oriented phase, developers need to focus on creating industrial chain extension products. The ultimate goal is to create a kind of Chinese developers can bring sustainable income "ecosystem." But now, housing prices are still testing the waters phase transition, has new balance 580 uknot yet formed a mature profit model, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Institute of Finance director Tang Shiqi analysis, from a strategic perspective, the future will be more and more self approved a free trade area, which is the depth of the inevitable trend of economic reform pathDecember 8, or affected by the second batch of the FTA in particular, Guangdong, Hong Kong upcoming FTA approved the message, Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Yantian, Chiwan A and other stocks are strong limit; Baiyun Airport also rose 3.8% .In related news, Guangdong declared "Guangdong, Hong Kong FTA" program called "31 Mode", will include the Guangzhou Nansha District, Shenzhen Qianhai District, Zhuhai Hengqin and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Comprehensive

implementation of the free trade zone is a complex system engineering. To strengthen top-level design, great game plan, it is necessary to seek the child but also to seek potential, and gradually build up based on the outskirts of a free trade zone for the global network active with "along the way" along the national and regional providers to build a freenew balance 574 cheap   trade area, so that our closer cooperation with countries along, demand is more convenient, more integrated interests.Tang Shiqi analysis, Shanghai since the free trade zone is approved, from a strategic perspective, the future will be more and more gradual FTA approval, which is the depth of the inevitable trend of economic reform path.It is understood that the function of positioning Hong Kong and Macao, Guangdong FTA is: actively expand the service is open to Hong Kong and Macao, the development of new international trade, explore the construction of a modern financial service innovation district, promoting the transformation of government functions, and create a legalization of international business environment. build CEPA (ie, the "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement") upgrades and special customs supervision area upgrade. said, with the next three places FTA approved, the related concepts of shares of

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