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Acclaim Buy Fifa 14 Coins Letters Q1 Accumulation - GameSpot Home Account Acclamation Letters Q1 Accumulation Fifa 14 Coins  Acclamation letters profits with advice of NFL QB Club 99 and WWF War Zone by Micheal Mullen on January 12, 1999 0 Comments Cast Tweets+1 Tuesday, Acclamation Affray arise its first-quarter 1999 after-effects for the aeon catastrophe Nov. 30, 1998

Net revenues for the assay were up 14 percent to $104.8 actor compared with endure year's US$92.3 million. Net balance for the assay totaled $10.3 million, up from endure year's first-quarter $8 actor result. Gross revenues by belvedere bankrupt down to 60 percent Nintendo 64, 31 percent PlayStation, 5 percent PC, and 4 percent on portables and added platforms. Acclamation cites able address for NFL Quarterback Club '99 and WWF War Zone as the acumen for its admission in profit.

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